PromoTuscia is a tourist services company that started in 1994 from the idea of three young women determined to internationally promote the beauty of Viterbo and the area surrounding it. Since then, we have come a long way: we have arranged so many tours everywhere in Italy and all over Europe and the World, to the discovery of unconventional places with a special focus on gardens and historic houses.



On this website you will find different experiences, workshops, hikes and packages shaping our idea of travelling in a slow and harmonious way. Here you will find unusual routes and unique offers to be experienced in so many amazing corners of Italy. An entire section of the website is dedicated to experiences, tours and activities available in Tuscia, North Lazio, our homeland. We intend to unveil our land in the longtime distinctive style featured in each of the travels we use to plan: the “Secret Garden” style, which is the name we have chosen to define our gardens tours. We will lead you to the discovery of private gardens, forgotten hamlets, pristine natural sites and craft workshops with an out of time charm. We will introduce you to potters, landscape architects, botanists, master brewers, glassmakers, enologists, dairymen and other amazing characters. You will be accommodated in small holiday rentals, B&Bs or boutique hotels run by owners passionate about their job and about the place where they live. You will also have the opportunity to taste the dishes   cooked by both highly skilled chefs or innkeepers proud of their cuisine. In addition, you can decide to go through all these experiences on your own or you can count on the help of our experts: our bike leaders, tour guides and environmentl guides can't wait to show you the secrets of the places they keep with love and dedication.



The experiences PromoTuscia is offering on this website differ in time span, type and purchasing procedure. Some of the available offers include half-day experiences, daytrips and tours to two or more destinations and different packages with accommodation in B&Bs “di charme” and host homes. Some of the offers are available for a minimum of 2, 4 or 6 participants, as applicable; detailed info are provided on each offer form. In the section “Giardino Segreto Gift” are listed all the packages in which either you or the receiver of the gift can choose the starting date. It can be a pleasant and exclusive gift idea, perfect for every occasion. In the sections “Experiences in Italy” and “Experiences in Tuscia” you will find the dates in which the experience is immediately available: you can pick the one that best suits you and purchase it directly, or you can get in touch with us via WhatsApp or on our landline telephone number in order to ask any query. Not only we are deligheted to be able to discuss our offers and packages, but we love to get to know new ways to meet our customers wishes and desires: we can't wait to hear from you! In the section “Scheduled Tours” you will find the group tours we prepared for you and that are available on specific dates throughout the year. In this case you can sign up directly to the tour you are interested in or contact us to get all the info regarding the “Il Giardino Segreto” tours.


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We have been gathering new energies while reconsidering our behaviours. We made giant leaps forward in terms of awareness and we reassessed our priorities. We are gradually getting access to museums, parks, gardens and monuments, but in a more mindful way. We can now enjoy a coffee, taste a craft beer and stay at a cosy B&B again. Il Giardino Segreto E-Commerce is going to be by your side while rediscovering the pleasure of travelling. On this website we offer solutions suitable for the the needs that this particular moment require: experiences and tours in uncrowded places, custom-made holiday rentals where you are going to be the only guests, restaurants with limited number of seats, private gardens and residences. All in the spirit of a slow, conscious and vibrant tourism and, now more than ever, tailored to your needs.